NJMET Charity Works

As VP, Joseph Federico has spearheaded NJMET’s charity work. NJMET holds several corporate charity events every year. Recent  NJMET charity events include:

NJMET Charity in Prior Years

For the last 10 years, NJMET has provided a college scholarship for a local student interested in studying engineering. The 2015 scholarship went to  Eddie Filipovic, a senior at Passaic County Technical Institute in Wayne, NJ. .Learn More.

NJMET has been engaged in corporate giving for several years. For information about charity in prior years see: http://josephfederico.biz/charity/charity.htm 

Joseph Federico corporate giving blog

Joseph Federico uses his experience with NJMET charity efforts as one source of information in his corporate giving blog. Mr. Federico’s job takes him on travels throughout the US and the world. In the course of these travels, he finds additional ideas for good corporate giving practices. Read Mr. Federico’s corporate charity blog at https://federicocorpcharity.wordpress.com/