About Joseph Federico, VP


Joseph Federico, VP and Director of Operations at NJMET.

Joseph Federico is the VP of Operations at NJMET, Inc.  He is based at NJMET’s Clifton, NJ headquarters.  Joe is responsible for Sales, Operations and Quality at NJMET.  He also heads up the company’s charity efforts.

Joseph Federico joined NJMET as a Testing Engineer more than 30 years ago.  Joe developed a military testing department for NJMET. Through this department, Joseph Federico developed protocols for testing the reliability of electronic equipment used in automotive, military, and aerospace applications.

Joe expanded NJMET’s Test services to include the Mission Imposter Counterfeit Component Risk Mitigation Program.  The Mission Imposter program uses a rigorous multi-step process of testing protocols to determine the authenticity of electronic components.  The electronic component industry has been plagued by cloned and counterfeit components that don’t meet the specifications of the original authentic parts.  Mission Imposter helps protect component distributors and consumers separate out the authentic from the inauthentic components.

A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and the Metropolitan Technical Institute, Joseph Federico holds both an Associate degree and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology. Since the completion of his studies, Joseph Federico has worked with NJMET.

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